- Holiday Gift Boxes -

- Let’s Get Pickled -

Individual bottle of Prosecco  

Holiday-themed glass champagne flutes

3 Soeurs homemade marinated beets Marinated olives
3 Soeurs homemade spicy relish with grilled pineapple  

Homemade caramel popcorn

- 5 a 7 “Zoom” Box -

A delicious assortment of homemade canapes (8 pieces) 

Bottle of Sangiovese or Pinot Grigio 

- Relax & Recharge -

Danesco Tea Pot 

3 Soeurs Coffee Mug 

Tea Infuser 

Homemade local Miel Mtl honey 250g bag local Pigeon coffee
Homemade 3 Soeurs sweets (6 pieces) 

 - The “Yeast” of your problems - 

Bear naked” Chef apron from Hatley/Scotch on the Rocks tea towel

Red Black Checked Moose Apron/ I Moosed be Cooking tea towel  

Homemade scones

Bottle of preserves Chocolate Almond Bark, Sea-salted caramel(bottle)

- For the man in your life - 

4 pack Kronenburg Beer
6 German sausages vacuum-packed local from Brezen & Co
Cultured Foodie Sauerkraut (500 ml)
Homemade mustard bottle Socks in a beercan 

Hot sauce Pimenterie 

3 Soeurs spicy relish 

- The 100 - 

Cheese & Charcuterie Board plus knife 

Bottle of Wine or Bottle of Gourmet Silo Filo Olive Oil
3 Soeurs Tomato peach ketchup

3 Soeurs Gourmet pineapple relish( spicy)   

3 Sœurs Sea-salted caramel

Balsamic vinegar(250 ml)

Gourmet crackers

Spiced nuts 

- “At least you tried” (learning to cook) -

3 Soeurs homemade vinaigrette ( choose between sesame lime,
maple balsamic, apple cider, honey Dijon)
“In the Kitchen” cookbook by Nadia Saputo Mason jar of salad toppers

Themed apron

Homemade Chocolate chip cookies(6) plus recipe card  

Homemade Spiced Nuts plus recipe  

Homemade cranberry pumpkin loaf

We can also customize baskets for you!  
Delivery available, fees based on location

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Order by email: bols@3soeurs.ca